Late Reports

Vincent Community Board Meeting

Wednesday, 19 May 2021



Wednesday, 19 May 2021


9.30 am


Ngā Hau e Whā, William Fraser Building,

1 Dunorling Street, Alexandra


(Unless Central Government changes COVID-19 meeting restrictions before then,

in which case it will be held electronically using Microsoft Teams and livestreamed)

Sanchia Jacobs

Chief Executive Officer




Vincent Community Board Agenda

19 May 2021


Order Of Business

4          Reports for Decisions. 4

21.4.4            Addendum - Additional Submissions for Vincent Community Board. 4



19 May 2021


4                 Reports for Decisions

21.4.4         Addendum - Additional Submissions for Vincent Community Board

Doc ID:      534236


1.       Purpose


Submissions that have not been attached to the original agenda.



2.       Attachments


Appendix 1 - Addendum - Staff Responses to LTP Submissions - Vincent Community Board   

Vincent Community Board meeting

19 May 2021


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