MINUTES OF A Council Meeting OF THE Central Otago District Council
Ngā Hau e Whā, William Fraser Building, 1 Dunorling Street, Alexandra
Wednesday, 21 December 2022 COMMENCING AT 10.02 am


PRESENT:              His Worship the Mayor T Cadogan (Chairperson), Cr N Gillespie, Cr T Alley, Cr L Claridge, Cr I Cooney, Cr C Laws, Cr M McPherson, Cr T Paterson

IN ATTENDANCE: L van der Voort (Acting Chief Executive Officer), S Righarts (Group Manager - Business Support), D Rushbrook (Group Manager - Community Vision), D  Scoones (Group Manager - Community Experience), L Fleck (General Manager – People and Culture, S Finlay (Chief Financial Officer), D McKewen (Accountant), M De Cort (Communications Coordinator) and W McEnteer (Governance Manager)


Note: His Worship the Mayor started the meeting with a karakia.

1                 Apologies



Moved:               Alley

Seconded:          Cooney

That the apologies received from Crs Browne, Duncan, Feinerman and McKinlay and an apology for lateness from Cr Paterson be accepted.



2                 Public Forum

There was no public forum.

3                 Confirmation of Minutes

It was noted that the reference to a rates decrease should be removed from resolution B of item 22.10.6.


Moved:               Alley

Seconded:          McPherson

That, subject to amendment, the public minutes of the Ordinary Council Meeting held on 14 December 2022 be confirmed as a true and correct record.



4                 Declaration of Interest

Members were reminded of their obligations in respect of declaring any interests. There were no further declarations of interest.

Note: The meeting adjourned at 10.06 am and returned at 10.46 am.

5                 Reports

22.11.2       Adoption of the audited Annual Report 2021/22

To adopt the audited 2021/22 Annual Report.

After discussion it was noted that Council should receive the audit opinion from Audit New Zealand separately from formally adopting the audited Annual Report.


Moved:               Cadogan

Seconded:          Gillespie

A.            That the Council receives the report and accepts the level of significance.

B.            Receives the audit opinion from Audit New Zealand.

C.           Adopts the 2021/22 audited Annual Report.



6                 Date of Next Meeting

The date of the next scheduled meeting is 25 January 2023.


Note: His Worship the Mayor closed the meeting with a karakia.


The meeting closed at 11.02 am.




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