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Vincent Community Board Meeting

Monday, 13 June 2022



Monday, 13 June 2022


2.00 pm


Ngā Hau e Whā, William Fraser Building, 1 Dunorling Street, Alexandra


(Due to COVID-19 restrictions and limitations of the physical space, public access will be available through a live stream of the meeting.


The link to the live stream will be available on the Central Otago District Council's website.)


Sanchia Jacobs

Chief Executive Officer


Vincent Community Board Agenda

13 June 2022


Order Of Business

5          Reports. 4

22.4.12         Vincent Community Board Extraordinary Vacancy. 4



13 June 2022


5                 Reports

22.4.12       Vincent Community Board Extraordinary Vacancy

Doc ID:      583501


1.       Purpose of Report


To consider whether to fill the extraordinary vacancy created by the resignation of Russell Garbutt.



That the Vincent Community Board

A.      Receives the report and accepts the level of significance.

B.      Agrees that the extraordinary vacancy for the Vincent Community Board will not be filled.


2.       Background


The Vincent Community Board has an extraordinary vacancy after the resignation of Russell Garbutt.



3.       Discussion


Section 117 of the Local Electoral Act 2001 discusses when there is an extraordinary vacancy and whether it needs to be filled. S117(2) notes that there does not need to be a by-election if the vacancy is created in a period less than twelve months before a local body election. However, s117(3) does require the Board to resolve whether to nominate another candidate to be a member or to leave the position vacant.


It should be noted that the pre-election period begins on 8 July 2022 and there will be limited reports that will require a decision after this date, in line with Local Government New Zealand guidelines.



4.       Financial Considerations


There are no financial implications as a result of this decision.



5.       Options


Option 1 – (Recommended)


Leave the extraordinary position unfilled




·        There are only two more meetings before the end of the triennium, both within the pre-election period, which means that if the position were to be filled it would be of little use.





·        The Vincent Community Board is one member short.


Option 2


Fill the vacancy with a nominated candidate.




·        There would be full membership of the Vincent Community Board.




·        There is only a short time before the triennial election. The nominated candidate might only attend one meeting, which would be of limited use for the candidate or the Board.



6.       Compliance


Local Government Act 2002 Purpose Provisions

This decision enables democratic local decision making and action by, and on behalf of communities by adhering to the law regarding vacancies on a community board.


Decision consistent with other Council plans and policies? Such as the District Plan, Economic Development Strategy etc.

It is consistent with the Local Electoral Act 2001.


Considerations as to sustainability, the environment and climate change impacts

There are no impacts identified in this decision.


Risks Analysis

There are no risks with this decision as it is a requirement of the law.


Significance, Consultation and Engagement (internal and external)

This does not meet the threshold for consultation under the Significance and Engagement Policy.




7.       Next Steps


If the Board resolves to not to fill the vacancy, the public will be given notice of this decision, as required under s119 of the Local Electoral Act 2001.



8.       Attachments




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Sanchia Jacobs

Chief Executive Officer