MINUTES OF A meeting of the
Maniototo Community Board
Ranfurly Service Centre, 15 Pery Street, Ranfurly
Thursday, 4 March 2021 commencing AT 2.00 pm


PRESENT:              Mr R Hazlett (Chair), Mr M Harris (Deputy Chair), Cr S Duncan, Mr D Helm, Ms S Umbers

IN ATTENDANCE: S Jacobs (Chief Executive Officer), L Macdonald (Executive Manager - Corporate Services), J Muir (Executive Manager - Infrastructure Services), G Bailey (Parks and Recreation Manager) (via Microsoft Teams), J McCallum (Roading Manager), D McKewen (Accountant), W McEnteer (Governance Support Officer)


1                 Public Forum

Alistair Watt – Hall’s Ford bridge on Maniototo Road.


Mr Watt queried whether the Hall’s Ford bridge would be replaced after the recent rain event. He was hopeful that it would be repaired. He also queried who makes the ultimate decision on the future of bridges and fords.


John McMillian – Section sizes in Ranfurly


Mr McMillian discussed section sizes on the outskirts of Ranfurly. He mentioned that section sizes in rural zoned areas must be at least ten hectares and that some people may wish to build a house and have a bit of land with it, but not that amount. He said he had a piece of land zoned rural that he would like to break in half to two five hectare blocks but was prevented from doing this under current zoning. He advocated for a review on land sizes for land zoned rural to allow smaller blocks.


2                 Apologies

There were no apologies at this meeting.


3                 Condolences

The Chair referred to the deaths of Denis Stumbles, Muriel Cleugh and Margaret Bootsma. Members stood and observed a minute’s silence as a mark of respect.


4                 Confirmation of Minutes

Committee Resolution 

Moved:               Duncan

Seconded:          Helm

That the public minutes of the Maniototo Community Board meeting held on 20 January 2021 be confirmed as a true and correct record.



5                 Declaration of Interest

Members were reminded of their obligations in respect of declaring any interests. There were no further declarations of interest.

6                 Reports for Decisions


Note: The Parks and Recreation Manager joined the meeting via Microsoft Teams for item 21.2.2.


21.2.2         Maniototo Fees and Charges 2021-22 Schedule

To approve the draft fees and charges schedule for the Maniototo Community Board and recommend that Council include these fees and charges in the 2021-31 Long-term Plan.

Committee Resolution 

Moved:               Umbers

Seconded:          Harris

That the Maniototo Community Board

A.      Receives the report and accepts the level of significance.

B.      Recommends to Council to accept the changes for the Maniototo Ward to the Fees and Charges Schedule for 2021/22 as detailed and highlighted in Appendix 1.

C.      Recommends Council adopt the fees and charges related to the Maniototo Ward as part of the Council’s annual fees and charges for the 2021/22 financial year.



7                 Reports for Information

21.2.3         Maniototo Financial Report For The Period Ending 31 December 2020

To consider the financial performance overview as at 31 December 2020.

Committee Resolution 

Moved:               Duncan

Seconded:          Helm

That the report be received.



8                 Mayor’s Report

His Worship the Mayor was not present at the meeting.

9                 Chair's Report

21.2.4         Chair's Report

The Chair gave an update on activities and issues since the last meeting:

·         Had a meeting with Stewart Patterson about the demolition of the old hospital site.

·         Caught up with Andrew Concannon about the trees at Patearoa opposite the hall. These trees are in the power lines and are scheduled for removal.

·         Discussed the trees at the Waipiata Domain. Noted that they were part of the Taieri Lakes reserve.

·         Discussed the recent flooding event in particular the state of bridges afterwards and communications.

·         Had an email from Donald Carey regarding a sign referring to cycling outside his property.

·         Discussed the current Three Waters legislation and reforms.

·         Had a meeting in Oturahua to discuss the Hill’s Creek bridge. Reported that structural engineers had visited the site.

·         Referred to the trees on Bullock Dray Road and reported that they were yet to be felled.

Committee Resolution 

Moved:               Duncan

Seconded:          Harris

That the report be received.



10               Members' Reports

21.2.5         Members' Reports

Members gave an update on activities and issues since the last meeting:

Ms Umbers reported on the following:

·         Mentioned that the poplar trees at the domain were growing again and required spraying or cutting. She also mentioned the continued growth of broom there.

·         Reported that the bin that used to be at the caravan dump station in Ranfurly was still missing.

·         Reported that a few of the bench seats in Ranfurly, including one near to the school were in need of new paint as most of it had come off.

Mr Harris had nothing to report.

Mr Helm reported on the following:

·         Lamented that the A&P Show and the rodeo had been cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions.

·         Attended the centennial of the Soldiers Syndicate which included a dinner at Dansey’s Pass with about 100 people present.

Councillor Duncan reported on the following:

·         Attended the Maniototo business meeting. Mentioned that some businesses would have liked further communications regarding the potential length of the boiled water notice in the Maniototo however said there was good communication during the weather event.

·         Mentioned that gravel flows out of the mountains were massive at the moment and it came up in the regional roads meeting recently.

·         Attended a meeting in to Wellington to discuss the shearing industry.

·         Reflected on the recent community COVID-19 cases in Auckland and noted that there had been a number of rail trail cancellations. He also mentioned the upcoming Wanaka A&P show and hoped that COVID-19 restrictions might be eased in time for the event to go ahead.

·         Discussed a recent roading meeting with the Otago Regional Council and mentioned that about $80 million was planned to be spent on park and ride stations in Dunedin. He reflected that it was important for projects in Central Otago to also be on the list of planned projects.

Committee Resolution 

Moved:               Helm

Seconded:          Umbers

That the report be received.



11               Status Reports

21.2.6         Governance Report

To report on items of general interest, receive minutes and updates from key organisations and consider the legacy and current status report updates.

Committee Resolution 

Moved:               Umbers

Seconded:          Harris

That the report be received.



12               Date of the Next Meeting

The date of the next scheduled meeting is 15 April 2021.

13               Resolution to Exclude the Public

Committee Resolution 

Moved:               Duncan

Seconded:          Harris

That the public be excluded from the following parts of the proceedings of this meeting.

The general subject matter of each matter to be considered while the public is excluded, the reason for passing this resolution in relation to each matter, and the specific grounds under section 48 of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987 for the passing of this resolution are as follows:

General subject of each matter to be considered

Reason for passing this resolution in relation to each matter

Ground(s) under section 48 for the passing of this resolution

21.2.7 - Confidential Governance Report

s7(2)(i) - the withholding of the information is necessary to enable Council to carry on, without prejudice or disadvantage, negotiations (including commercial and industrial negotiations)

s48(1)(a)(i) - the public conduct of the relevant part of the proceedings of the meeting would be likely to result in the disclosure of information for which good reason for withholding would exist under section 6 or section 7




The public were excluded at 3.35 pm.



The Meeting closed at 3.45 pm.